There are a number of reasons that tooth extraction may be required:

  • Severely broken, cracked or decayed teeth may be unrestorable or may have a very poor long term outcome.
  • Teeth with severe periodontal disease.
  • Severely infected teeth that are unsuitable for root canal treatment.
  • To create room for other teeth prior to getting braces.
  • Malpositioned or non-functional teeth.

In the majority of case, it is best to attempt to save your natural teeth, however in some cases extraction becomes one of the very few remaining treatment options.

Neural x-ray only look at one or 2 teeth at the time and don't always allow for early detection of problems.

When a tooth is removed, the other teeth tend to shift and become over-stressed and this can impact greatly on your dental health. To avoid further complications, dentists will often recommend replacing any extracted teeth, and although extraction may be the cheapest treatment option available, replacing teeth can easily cost far more than the option of saving and rebuilding a tooth.

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