Ceramic Crowns & Bridges

Ceramic Crown, as the name implies are a kind of cosmetic crowns who are used to provide a natural appearance. Ceramic crowns are also known as all-porcelain crowns as the entire thickness of the crowns is very glass like.

The major feature of ceramic crowns is that they are made from robust porcelain which absolutely matches the light handling characteristics and helps in giving a more lifelike look which conjures well with the rest of the mouth.

At Mundra Dental and Implant Clinic, we incorporate best quality crowns which lasts for years but also suits well to your aesthetics.

We have all the requisite equipments that help in addressing and fixing the issue. Furthermore we fully apprehend downsides to the treatment so we ensure the procedure is safely carried out and the there is no scope left of any dental issue arising later.

Undergoing Ceramic crowning procedure at our clinic benefit you in numerous other ways as well which include :

  • We us high quality crowns which are made of thinner material and as a result, feel lighter in weight.
  • We take consideration if a person is allergic to metal or not.
  • Our procedure involves zero risk of allergic reaction or sensitive to hot or cold foods.
  • The crowns we place have longevity as they can last disfigure for years.
  • We understand the fact that refinement is needed to produce these crowns counting they require high expertise of the dentist which our seasoned takes care of effortlessly.
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